how do I get a wix website to rank number one on google I recently got tagged on a post in Facebook where a gentleman was asking this exact question and the sad unfortunate truth is you don’t you can never you’re not gonna ever get there wix will never make it to the number one spot and the reason is is that all of the content served from wix websites comes from a centralized database and when all the information comes from a centralized database google spiders have no choice but to look at all wix websites as one website and that makes it very hard to index and make it to the number one spot it’s impossible so i always i love this challenge try to find me a wix website that’s number one in any type of competitive category because they don’t exist it it is a complete anomaly does not exist i’ve never seen it on the web and it will never happen so you’re wasting your time and your money if you want to rank on google using a wix website and it goes the same for squarespace all these other ones as well you need to have wordpress wordpress has an independent database run by mysql it’s open source it’s going to be able to be fully indexed by google it’s independent so that’s why it’s important to have wordpress for seo or some of the other platforms there’s other platforms out there that are open source you can do bootstrap with your own database you can do other things wordpress isn’t the only option it’s just the most popular and it works very very well because you do this go out there and search for any type of terms roofing real estate whatever you name it you search for those in your local city and then you look at the code base and you’ll find that all those websites are WordPress all the number ones are all WordPress and that’s for a reason so Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios if you have more questions about this definitely hit me up i can help you get to number one with your website we can work on it get a hold of me in the comments and we can rock this together Jophiel SkyPoint Studios thank you so much for watching