hey everyone this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk about how can I make Instagram work for my business Instagram is a really cool platform that’s all photography based and video based so the way that we make it work for our business is we create content kind of like what I’m doing right now you can put together a little video like this that you don’t need a whole lot just record yourself talking or record yourself doing what you do through your business in the day-to-day and post it on Instagram on a regular basis if you can get at least one to two to three posts per week on Instagram you’re going to be doing much better and then what I really want to get across as an encouragement is the engagement you should be going through and following all the businesses that are corollary to your business the ones that are in the same area the same town the ones that do similar things that you do the ones that are in your network you want to follow all of them and you want to engage on all of their content that means liking and then commenting on at least comment on at least one to two per day and like all through the timeline I’m talking 100 to 200 if you get to the point where Instagram says you can no longer like anymore this day that’s great you made it that’s what you should be trying to do max out the engagement on Instagram and you will find that you’ll be getting in return more likes more comments more engagement more followers and it all works together so we’re helping other businesses they’re helping us and we’re all growing together so that’s my Instagram tip for the day go out there and crush it thanks guys this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and I will see you soon