hey everyone this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and I want to talk to you about how important reviews are for your business reviews are the lifeblood of your business you should be asking every single happy customer to leave you a review online on the most important places to put a review so let’s cover that where are the most important places to put a review for your business the number one most important place is on a google local page that is the map listing that comes up when you’re searching for a local business near you or for a local business in a particular area the map listings come up and they have reviews on them like if you look for a restaurant near you usually when you look for that restaurant you’ll look for how many good reviews that restaurant has before you’ll go there this is the same thing for your business you want to have a lot of reviews there and the other ones in priority are yelp yelp is number two in my opinion and then there’s below that would be like the Facebooks and all the other ones out there but number one you want to build up is that google local number two you want to build up is the yelp those are the most important and how do we get these reviews well we want to encourage the customer to do the review in the most easiest way possible and that I like to do through low friction low friction for me is using a service like Bitly which is a link shortener it’s bit.ly it’s a free account you go in there sign up take the link the big long URL string of right where your profile is on google local where they can leave your review take that big string go into Bitly and shorten it way down so it’s just the keywords review in the name of your business then you can send that out to an email address preferably a Gmail because they’re going to need a Gmail to leave your review send it out to them and say hey hey Charlie hey Sarah so glad you enjoyed working with us or the business or the product would you please leave us a review online this is very helpful for our business and we would appreciate if you do so that will have a much better chance of you getting the reviews that you need for your business and I highly encourage you to work on that this year let’s get as many reviews as we can so we can really really crush it this year in 2022 this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and I will see you soon