hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk about e-commerce and selling products online and what is the difference between running your own website your own e-commerce website and selling products on sites like Esty or eBay or third-party sites like that and should you do both should you do one of the other what is a strategy well let’s talk about it so first of all when you run e-commerce on your own website you have to choose a platform you can’t have multiple platforms you can’t have a Shopify with a big commerce and a woocommerce you can’t have them all together so you got to pick one and what we like to do here at SkyPoint studios is we build woocommerce which is on WordPress and the reason we do that is because it’s the best for SEO which means it will show up in search the best and it has the lowest maintenance cost for our customers so they’re able to maximize their profit margin so in the beginning when you’re starting a store it’s really important to look at what is your overhead cost because it can be very hard to make a profit if you have a high overhead cost like Shopify it’s very expensive if you already have a lot of sales going on no problem do Shopify but if you’re getting started woocommerce can be a really great way to go plus I said that the SEO is better now when you want to go list on places like Esty you’re going to pay a 15 transaction on every single a cost to the platform on every single transaction when you sell on your own website through and you use a processor like square or PayPal or authorize.net your transaction cost is gonna be around 2.8 to 3.2 percent so it’s quite low compared to that 15 that platforms like Esty charge now it’s not a bad idea to also run your products on Esty for a while until you build up the strength of your own platform so if you’re looking to do ecommerce I can certainly help you I can advise you I can build you a beautiful website that gets you sales this is Jophiel with SkyPoint studios comment below or call me at 406-208-8733 if you’d like to get started with your ecommerce website today thank you for watching