hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk about the role that social media plays in search engine optimization or being found on google so is it important do we need to have social media pages and be active on there well the short answer is yes because google is paying attention they their spiders and their algorithm are looking for the amount of branded pages that are related to your brand online and how active they are with how many followers how many posts how many times are you commenting so these create what is called a heat signature and when you have a strong heat signature on your social media pages that’s a kind of a factor for the google spiders to figure out well is this company relevant is it important should I be serving them up over other competitors that are in the same category as they are so you want to make sure you have a good strong Facebook page a strong Instagram page a strong LinkedIn page a twitter page you want to make sure you have all these and that you post on them regularly so it’s important to have a certain amount of followers and a certain amount of posts and you have activity and if you just create the page at least you’ve done some of the work yes you should be posting on it regularly i create content just like the one you’re watching right now and I put it out among all of my company pages and the reason that i do that is for that exact reason because google is paying attention it’s not just for people who are watching it like I hope you’re watching this I hope you’re enjoying this but I’m also making it for google because that’s how I’m number one in all the markets that i serve it’s because I’m creating content regularly I’m creating uh writing I’m creating links I’m creating all these different things that go into it and social media is definitely one of them so if you’d like to learn more about seo and search as an optimization and how to rank online and how to pull in more business follow along on my videos I would love to help you out or give me a call 406 208 8733 and I can help you with your business thank you so much for watching Jophiel with skype studio