hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about a new app that just came out called superstars professional network and superstars is basically networking for professionals that’s video based very similar to tick-tock so it’s like a scroll feed where you get to see 20-second videos or one-minute videos from professionals talking about their business giving you tips recommendations things to do but it’s all in a platform very similar to tick-tock so it’s new it just came out there’s less than a thousand users on the platform I always like to hop on these new platforms when they first come out and establish a presence on there because it’s the people who get established first that get most of the benefits on these new platforms so if you just google superstars professional network you’ll find that there’s an app for both iPhone and for android available you can set up an account and they have like superstar points where like you can set up your profile you can add a resume like a video presentation a little bit of your backstory what makes you a superstar there’s like four videos I believe that set up your profile once you set up your full profile they give you a bunch of points and there’s like points in the system that kind of organize who’s the highest the hierarchy in the ranking based on their category so it’s kind of an interesting platform but I highly recommend hopping on there getting yourself established starting to build yourself up the more you build these different profiles on these unique platforms that not a lot of people are on the better exposure you get because if you’re hopping on tick tock you’re hopping on Instagram like sure you should be doing that but like they’re over saturated there’s so many people that are in your same business that are on those platforms but if you go to somewhere like superstars you’re probably going to be the only one in your business in your area that’s on it so that’s my tip for today hope you enjoyed it it’s Jophiel with SkyPoint studios and I will see you on the next video