there’s some pretty crazy stuff that happens in the world of web development and something I saw yesterday it really kind of blew my mind which was someone had coded a WordPress website uh where they hid all of the content in the actual theme files so they had multiple different php calls to put different content in different places every single page had a different call and a different hook leading to different content and this is a way of austicating the ability to update the website so whoever this developer was did not want other developers to be able to update little pieces like phone numbers and addresses and simple pieces of content that normally most developers would place in a page or on a widget you know common places where people can update them regularly but this developer specifically didn’t want other developers to be able to update the website wanted to be extremely hard for them so that either the customer had to come back to them or the new developer that took over the website would be completely confused on where to go do these things so to me that’s very highly unethical that’s not what we should be doing that would be like a mechanic jerry rigging in your car so that no other mechanic could work on your car and you always have to take it to them it’s super unethical that’s not what we’re our customers that’s not what the customers pay us to do to hide things and make it harder for other people to work on them that’s not what the customer appreciates it’s not what i appreciated as a developer having to work on that all i needed to do was change a phone number took 45 minutes to clear out all the custom code just to change one phone number and this is all because some developer thought it would be clever to hide it in multiple different php calls in the theme files so this is a heads up not all developers are going to be ethical and do things the way that would be beneficial for everybody going forward and if you come into something like that definitely get a hold of me i love to chat with you about it uh we should all be making web development easier for our clients and easier for other developers so this is Jophiel with Skypoint Studios thank you so much for watching