hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about creating an industry glossary this is one of the coolest SEO techniques that I know about and basically it works like this you want to update your website regularly with content but oftentimes it’s hard to come up with things to write about or things to talk about on your website sure there’s things going on in your business but what is something that we can update pretty much daily well it’s a glossary terms about your industry every single industry has nomenclature or terms that people outside the industry are not going to understand I know web designers like myself do we talk about all kinds of stuff CSS html apis all that type of stuff like what are all these acronyms what do they mean well I created a web design glossary on my website so it has the exact keywords that I want to rank for web design glossary not so important but web design I do want to rank for so I put that page together web design glossary and you can name yours whatever if you’re a landscaper landscaping glossary or if you’re an accountant tax preparation glossary you know whatever your industry keywords are that you want to rank for you’re going to name it that and then on this page you’re going to update key keyword you’re going to talk about specific keywords and terms on a regular basis so every single day you go in and you update it or every single week you go and add a new term just go in alphabetical order and update it until it’s totally full until you can’t think of any more this is going to give the spiders lots to crawl on your website and it’s going to be great for your SEO so a glossary is something you should really think about adding it’s great for SEO this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios hope you enjoyed this tip I will see you on the next tip