hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I’ve got a little secret for you this secret is really cool this is about how to use photography in your local city for your SEO and basically it comes down to just going through your city and taking photos of particular points that might be of use for other people every single city in America has unique point has a main street it has a point of interest it has a historic point you know I’m here in Las Vegas so there’s obviously the strip and there’s lots of other famous buildings here famous landmarks lake Las Vegas downtown Summerlin just going around and taking photos like nice photos with your phone or with the pro camera whatever you have on you and then taking those home labeling them properly so getting them onto your desktop or your computer and putting labels so like Luxor casino Las Vegas or lake Las Vegas you know like that basically putting the right label uploading it in the highest resolution possible to your website like around two thousand pixels nothing more than two thousand pixels but big enough to where people can use it and just give it away for free on your website didn’t cost you anything but your time and guess what people come to your website to get those photos to use them for projects and it builds your SEO you’re getting free SEO value from just taking a couple photos in your local city it’s a great secret I love to do it I have it on my website so you can go to my websites and get some free photography so try that technique out see how it works let me know in the comments or on one of my platforms you can find me online just put in web design billings you can see I’m the number one listing Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios we can certainly help you get number one as well talk to you soon