hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about doing WordPress updates WordPress is a really great software for web design it is the most popular software in the world for running websites it runs about 45 of all the websites in the world and it’s super popular because it’s open source it’s very con configurable it’s the best for SEO because it creates lots of structures there’s pages there’s posts there’s categories there’s tags these things create a spiderweb network for you very easily you can create just one post and it creates a spiderweb network of all these different related pages that’s why it’s so good at SEO other platforms don’t do that but WordPress does need to be updated regularly it has core updates that come out and the plugins will be need to be updated as well when the core updates come out we just had a core update come out today and so i wanted to let you know that you will need to go in and update the software what happens if you don’t update the software well that’s where the hacks come in your website can get corrupted you can get bad links on it it can be really slow so we don’t want to have that happen it’s very easy to get these things updated and if you don’t have a web developer that’s dedicated to updating the software on your WordPress get a hold of me i can definitely help you all of the hosting that we offer for our company comes with software updating included not only does do we update the software but we have a firewall we have backups we have a malware scanner all these things are included in our hosting plans and our hosting plans are very very affordable so instead of going to a GoDaddy or one of these other places where they’re not going to take care of your website it’s totally going to get infected and they’re going to try to sell you some product to get it cleaned up just be proactive and go with a company like ours we’ll do all the software updating we’ll have the malware scanner we’ll have the firewall tool you won’t ever have to worry about getting hacked or getting infected with malware so this is a little update if you’re running WordPress make sure that your software is up to date this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and I will see you soon