I want you to start your videos with a hook I recently got this advice from a marketing uh person who was giving me a little feedback on my videos and I definitely was starting all my videos with the same intro hello my name is Jophiel, I’m with skype studios thank you for watching type of thing uh and that can be kind of boring kind of repetitious so I got this advice and I took it to heart which was start out with a bang get their attention because their attention is so so valuable online and social media people are gonna skip your video right away if it doesn’t hook them so definitely start your video with the hook i thought this was great advice and so in my mind I’m thinking about what is that action what is that boom that you can hit do you remember in English class when the instructor would tell us when we’re writing our first paragraph we need to have a good hook how are we going to hook the reader to make them want to continue and finish the rest of what we’ve written so that’s the same thing with videos we want to make sure that we hook them right off the bat so they stick around they consume our content and they’re ready to watch the next video because once you get them hooked with one good video the chances that you get them to watch more videos is much much higher so think about that when you’re creating video content just like what i do my video content is very straightforward I’m a web developer I like to help people build their brand online build their businesses help their families in the long run that’s my overall goal and my satisfaction what I do so my videos are all about that how can I build online how can I create better websites how can i get better conversions so my content is all around that but your content is going to be about your business make sure you have a hook so this is joking with skype studios thank you so much for watching i will see you on the next video