hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about the annual video challenge so what is the annual video challenge I’m currently doing this right now for my business basically it requires creating a new video every single day of the week all five days of the week when business is open and posting it to all your social media accounts and how can you do that seems like a lot of work I don’t have time throughout my day to do all that well here’s a little insider baseball for you the way I do it is I have a recording day my recording day is on Tuesday and I come in and I fire up all my lights I set up my camera and I have a bunch of different outfit changes and that’s the only way you gotta do it you have to do it this way and I come in and I write down all my ideas throughout the week I have a journal where I keep track of all my video ideas and I just go down my video idea list and I shoot and I do change of outfit and I shoot each video and I create those in an archive on my phone so I have a bunch of videos set aside and then I can upload every single day around the same time I can create a little caption for the video and I boom I go hit it on LinkedIn Facebook Instagram YouTube all of the platforms business and so that’s the only way that you can keep up with it but I would highly encourage for you to do the video challenge the annual video challenge which means you make a video every single day of the week for a whole year because people want to see who you are and get in front of them and really explain your business and what you do and what makes you unique people love watching personalities and getting information little bite-sized pieces they can actually hear it from someone in an audio audio in a visual way so I highly encourage that if you can do that you’re going to be rocking in your business this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios I hope you enjoy my videos and you keep watching them share them with your friends if you find them interesting and I will see you on the very next video thank you so much