what are some of my favorite wordpress plugins i was recently asked this question the other day and i thought well that that would make pretty good content for a video so i’m going to give you a rundown of some of my favorite plugins and it definitely starts with seo yoast that’s the number one seo plugin i always use that one it’s the original seo plugin from way back in the day it’s great definitely put that in and go through and seo every single page it’ll explain exactly how to do it so the other ones i like is i run word fence for protection i think that’s a really good one simple ssl is a great way to make sure that the ssl certificate is secured on all the different sites it forces the ssl to be used on all assets on the website love that plug-in some of the other ones that i really like are white label cms which allows you to brand the backside of the wordpress it gets rid of all the wordpress branding so you can replace it with all your company’s branding the login screen the top of the wordpress just makes it look really nice and finished so i really enjoy that but my big thing is making sure you keep simple plug-ins don’t run too many plug-ins don’t run a caching plug-in don’t experiment with plug-ins on a website that’s in active use so if you want to experiment and see if you can find a good plug-in go just load up some wordpress site that you don’t care about you don’t mind running into the ground and test them there first don’t use it on an active site that that’s valuable uh but run these plugins the ones that i mentioned those are all great and then try to keep a low profile on the rest of the plugins we don’t want too many plugins that’s what causes issues and causes websites to crash so if you have a question about the plugins that you’d like to use you want to run one by me and see if i think it’s a good one or not definitely hit me up down below you can hit me on my email jskypnt.com call me at 406-208-8733 love to help you out joe phil with skype point studios thank you so much for watching