hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about widgets in WordPress what are widgets well widgets are been baked into WordPress since the very very beginning and they’re very powerful tool to use because what’s cool about them is that they replicate across the whole website and i don’t really like to use the sidebar widgets those were the very first ones that started basically put your page a two-third page with a one-third page with widgets on the right-hand side it’s kind of an old-school look used to be popular back in the day I don’t really like using those I usually turn those off the widgets I really like are in the footer down at the very bottom so I typically will run three widgets column one column two and column three what’s really nice about widgets is that they do the formatting for you so they’re all going to be nicely aligned from left to right and you can put in elements in there you can put contact information contact forms a link to your Facebook some of the different badges that you’ve earned just like what we have on our footer we have lots of different badges from different uh awards we’ve won from organizations we were part of like BNI they’re all in our footer and what’s great about it is that as soon as you add one element to your footer and your widgets it replicates across the whole website super easy so you don’t have to go into every single page and add it to every single page so it’s a great tool get familiar with widgets it’s on the main menu in any WordPress site if you look on the left hand main menu you’ll see widgets and go in there and play around with it you may have to use a plug-in called classic widgets to get the original style if you see the block editor come up and i really don’t like the block editor so I use a widget called classic I use a plug-in I should say called classic widgets to get the regular old school one that I’m used to working on and you’ll probably prefer that too as well so this is joe failed with sky point studios and I hope you enjoyed this tip today follow along for some more tips just like this one