hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk about why it’s so important to manage and own the search related to your own name online now some people try to avoid the internet and say oh I’m not going to be online well guess what the internet’s gonna tell your story and gonna make you be online whether you like it or not so anyone can go to google and search your full name your first and your last name and oftentimes recruiters people who are you’re trying to get a job with or customers people that you’re trying to get work with or just relations contacts even in the dating field people will go and put your full name into google and just see what pulls up are there court records are there negative things are there uh all kinds of stuff that could happen so it’s important to google your name and find out what it looks like online and make sure that you’re telling the right narrative so you can get indexes the more you update your LinkedIn the more you add to your website do you have a nice about profile on your website do you have other profiles the more profiles you create online related to you the more indexing you will have around your name and you can actually work on this this is something you can work on it’s like working out you can build your muscles on the online space by building more and more indexes about yourself online if you choose to do that like i said some people think that they can avoid it but they the story will get told whether they like it or not you can google them and still find information about them online and they can try to hide that as much as they want so you can kind of get out ahead of it and try to build that story or you can try to avoid it those are kind of the two philosophies but regardless it’s going to be online so for example like you can put in Jophiel and Montana the state that I uh definitely grew up in and spent a lot of time in you can see that I have a bunch of listings you can put in Jophiel and Vegas I have the number one listing so the whole city of Vegas now I have a pretty unique name but still I’m the number one Jophiel in Vegas I’m the number one Jophiel in Montana this has a lot to do with indexing online so i encourage you when you watch this video go to google and put in your first and your last name and just see what pulls up and to see if there’s anything you can do about kind of cleaning that list up so joe failed with sky point studios thank you so much for watching this video