hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about what is an API so APIs are basically ways that two software’s can talk to each other it allows you to pull data from one software application and then import it into another software application and basically it stands for application programming interface so API’s been around for a long time it’s the way that app developers like SkyPoint studios can help pull in data from a different application so say you have a crm or you have a database document type of service and you need that to pull into your application for your mobile app well we would use an API to pull that data stream so it’s constantly coming into the app the freshest data whenever you think about having the freshest data in your app that’s when you need an API to connect to and oftentimes some software offers APIs and some don’t so as a service here at skype studios what we will do is reach out to the software vendor and ask them if we can use their API to integrate into your application that’s the software that we service that we provide so if you’re looking to build a custom application on mobile device on either on android or on the apple which is iOS we can definitely help you out with that and if you need to pull in some data from a different source we can look into whether there’s an available API to use for that so this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios if you have any questions please drop me a line i would love to answer all of your application development questions talk to you soon thank you for watching