hey how do you know if i should be running Facebook ads or running google ads and what’s the difference between the two well they’re both great platforms depending on the type of campaign and the type of results that you’re trying to get so with Facebook people are on there casually typically right like most people on Facebook are looking at their you know children’s photos of other people or or travel or you know what I mean they’re they’re leisurely exploring Facebook they’re not usually thinking about business so what does the best on Facebook is products and events and things that people may have fun with or enjoy those do really really well so if you have like a really cool product you want to show someone run a Facebook campaign that goes right to the landing page where they can buy it or if you have a really cool event going on that’s gonna be super fun like you’re having a dance or you’re having a you know there’s a concert or something like that something where people are gonna have fun Facebook ads are great for that but where they’re not so great is when you need someone to take action in the moment so if you have a plumbing business or you have a roofing business or you have a mobile detailing business these are going to do much much much better on google ads and the reason is is because in the moment when someone needs that service they are going to go and google it and then they’re going to typically just click right at the top of the ad not always sometimes they scroll down but there’s a good possibility that they’re in such a hurry they just don’t care to deal with that much they’re going to click on the ad they’re going to call the ad they’re going to do some type of action off the ad so that’s where google ads really shine so it depends should you run both maybe not necessarily I would say focus on the one that is going to be best for your type of business situation if you’re a service based business google ads are probably gonna be better if you have an event or a product Facebook’s probably gonna be better and just test and measure and see but that’s usually a general good rule of thumb so thank you so much for watching this is Jophiel with Skypoint Studios