so you’re starting a new business in a new city you have all the opportunity to name it whatever you want so let’s just say hypothetically or possibly this may be you what is the most strategic name you can come up with for your business now obviously you want to have a unique name I think that’s super important but what can we do as a DBA that might be kind of clever to actually take over a market so with dbas you can name them whatever you want DBA stands for doing business as so you could have a main account which let’s say your name is John Smith so John Smith’s lawn mowing service for example however as a DBA you can do lawn mowing let’s say you live in Dillon Montana so lawn mowing Dylan could be the name of the business you go register the business register an LLC or so sole prop or or S Corp whatever you’re going to register as an organization register it first you’re going to register your main business so you know John Smith lawn care that’s going to be the main LLC but you want to do a DBA as Lawn Care Dylan or Lawn Service Dylan and when you do this you register your name that way it puts the exact keywords that the customer will be searching for in your business name so that’s incredibly powerful and if you can get that same URL so those same lawn service and then you have the name so your actual business name is Lawn Service Dylan so it’s powerful you can’t actually enforce it from a trademark standpoint if someone else wants to use Lawn Service Dylan however you have your main actual entity you know with your name that’s unique so you can enforce that so this is kind of a way that you can use SEO in your naming strategy of your entity of your business to be very powerful and actually dominate a brand new market so this works really well if you’re opening and expanding into new markets or if you’re opening a brand new business so that’s something to think about if you have more questions about these type of strategies that are kind of unique you may not have heard of them before definitely uh comment down below or get a hold of me 406-208-8733 and thank you so much for watching