What is the difference between image formats PNG and jpeg so those are the two most popular image formats when you’re saving an image and uploading it to the web it’s important to know the difference why you should choose JPEG and why you should choose PNG so PNGs are images that are high resolution they are specifically designed for Logos and for graphics things that are not photographs they have high resolution and they have high file sizes which means if you use PNG for all your images like your photographs on your website they can have a really really slow website High load times so jpegs are actually Four photographs they’re specifically made for photographs so if you have a picture of your shop or you have a picture of your work or your products those should all be in jpeg and your logo file should be in PNG so this is the difference between the two file formats that’s what they’re made for make sure that you’re using jpeg for photographs and that you’re using PNGs for any type of Graphics if you have a sale graphic or you have an anniversary graphic anything that’s in a graphic make sure it’s a PNG high resolution so it’s nice and crisp and make sure that the jpegs are all photographs and then you upload them to the web you can check the extension it will be dot jpeg or dot PNG on the end of the photograph when you see the file before you upload it to the web so hope that’s been helpful if you have any questions about images and getting them to fit right or what formats to choose or any of those type of questions definitely hit me down below share this video if it’s helpful for you like And subscribe thank you so much for watching!