hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint studios and today I want to talk about what is the difference between tags and categories in wordpress so wordpress is an amazing platform it’s the most popular web development platform in the world runs the most websites and why it’s so great is it has this great structure that automatically creates all this architecture in place so when you’re creating a blog post you’re able to assign it to a category that’s a master level so you want to think about those are the master level connectors they’re categories so you have so for example on my website I have one that’s web design and I have one that’s SEO and underneath web design there are things that are going to be tags and tags are subcategories or smaller ways of organizing things together so I might put together one based on uh html5 I might put one based on CSS I might put one together on SEO some of these other like parts of web design i might put them in as tags and what is cool about WordPress is every single one of these categories and tags creates a new page structure where all of the blog posts that have been tagged or categorized are going to be listed in chronological order on those pages so if you think about it by just creating one blog post and putting it in say three categories and adding five tags we now have a total of eight new pages plus the actual page so nine total pages are created with just that one blog post and that’s why WordPress is so amazing because if you try to do it which is html just flat sites or other website technologies like try to do it with wix you only get one page for blog posts so it doesn’t create this huge architecture and ways of finding the content like WordPress does that’s why WordPress is so powerful and great for SEO so tags are smaller ways of organizing data categories are master ways of organizing data and you should have several categories and you should have several tags so more tags than categories but you want to have at least one to two to three categories for your blog posts and you want to have at least three to five to possibly 10 tags on every single blog post and that will make your website explode make sure you’re organizing your categories and your tags with categories and tags that you used before so that you can hook those together don’t use new categories and tags on every single blog post make sure that they are getting organized so that there’s not too many posts that are out there that are just one in each category so you want to make sure that you’re organizing them together so this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios hope that’s been a helpful tip