hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about a little strategy on Instagram on how to get more engagement so I’ve talked about this before about how you should be following all of the businesses that you want to target or the people that you want to target that your demo your demographic your target demographic for your business you want to go through and you want to follow them all so if you’re in a specific city like let’s say Billings Montana you want to go through and follow all the other businesses if you do b2b business go through and follow all the other businesses and engage with their content that means liking their posts and commenting but today this video is about something a little different this is a little bit more unique a little bit of an idea kind of a test idea that I’ve had so this is I’ve looked at the some of the ads on Instagram like as you’re scrolling the feed you’ll see that there’s some ads on there that someone we’re gonna be local I like to like the local ads because they get a little bit more visibility but lately I’ve been experimenting with liking some of the ads that have gotten a lot of volume so you look at an ad that has 10 000 50 000 likes on it and a bunch of comments you know that that’s going to get in front of a lot of people and so my thought is try and maybe engage comment or like on some of these ads and just see what kind of engagement it creates for your profile now I’m not saying that this is a guaranteed strategy this is definitely very much in the more experimental side of things and you know if you’re already doing everything else on Instagram you’re doing those things I already explained in the beginning of the video try something else maybe just to shake it up a little bit maybe hop on a couple of ads and see if you can get a little engagement that way so this is Jophiel with skype studios I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ve got more coming so stay tuned thank you