how did I get started in web design well back in 2006 I was running a carpet cleaning company called utopia and I was doing all the online marketing back then there really wasn’t much social media platforms or places online to list your business everything was smaller forums and I would go in there and place my business in different places and we hired a marketing person to come onto our business and help us and through this marketing person I learned a lot about web design and ultimately started other businesses green directory and a magazine which all through that I was helping with the web developer to update the website and do the updates and blog posts and things like that and I learned that I really enjoy web design so I went back to school Montana state university for application development and learned a lot more about web design there and I started my business in 2013 it’s been almost 10 years we’ll be celebrating our 10-year anniversary this June uh so I love what I do this is my passion I’ve been doing web design for 15 years and I love helping customers so if you need to help with your website if you want someone that you can trust talk to text get a hold of when you need them and have web design done in a timely manner get a hold of me that’s what we specialize in so we don’t want your customers that go through any troubles whatsoever the website should be updated and it should work for you and should bring you in business so this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios thank you so much for watching