when is a backup plug-in actually a good idea so in WordPress typically I’m not for backup plugins I think there are ways of space and resources and they slow down a website and they open up the door for vulnerabilities and hacks and usually typically they’re unnecessary because what you want to do what’s ideal is to use your resources from your hosting company to have backups there that’s much more reliable they do it automatically it’s on their server space not on yours that’s the best place to get your backups done but I will make an exception when you don’t have access to the hosting so there is a couple websites that I manage that where I don’t have access to the hosting and I don’t know whether they’re backed up most likely they’re not backed up so in those cases I do actually use a backup plugin for the the backups of the files in the database in case there’s some type of major catastrophe where the website goes down I can always go back in and pull those files every once in a while and be able to have a backup and that’s super important backups for your website are crucial you never know when a WordPress website might actually crash now hopefully you’re doing all your updates you have good Security in place and everything you can possibly do to make sure it doesn’t happen but with WordPress you just never know if you do have a database which is open source which means there can be all kinds of vulnerabilities so you got to make sure you take the right precautions I do recommend using a backup plugin in certain circumstances like that but typically if you have access to the hosting buy the backup plan from your host that’s the best way to do it so Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios thank you so much for watching this video