hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk about how do I come up with ideas and things to talk about and to share with my customers on my social media well that’s a great question for me I’m just going to talk about myself and what works for me i like to talk about things that I’ve challenges that I’ve helped customers with that they come to me with and that is usually inspiring on ways that i can create content so I create a little journal by my desk and I write down the ideas when I’m able to help a customer overcome a certain issue like they’re having issues receiving emails from their website or they’re wondering why this particular website platform isn’t ranking properly and somebody advised them to go this direction but it’s not really the right direction these are all ways that we can create content because there’s other people that have had those same issues and in your business there’s challenges that you solve it doesn’t matter whether you have a product or whether you have a service or what your business is you have things that you’ve overcome and challenges that you have created ways to figure out to get around that are going to help customers they’re going to help other people that are in your same type of business and you can create content around these things and the more content you create online the better your business is going to be because content really creates this value wheel that google is looking for that Bing is looking for to help serve you up to more customers so the next time you’re wondering about what to write about or what to make a video about or what to do online as far as social media posts think about a challenge that you’ve helped a customer overcome and tell a story people love hearing stories about how you helped a customer so it may trigger a new customer to come in your door and who doesn’t love a new customer so Jophiel with Skypoint Studios thank you so much for watching