hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk about what is the difference between a WordPress website a Squarespace website and a wix website so it may seem like with their marketing that Squarespace and wix are just so easy to use and you know what they’re actually not they’re not easy to use WordPress is exactly the same it’s a drag and drop builder so you can do the exact same things you would do in wix or squarespace but the big difference is that WordPress is a self-hosted open source platform that means it is a own entity and with the problem with Squarespace and wix is that your website is hooked into all the other websites they’re in a centralized database so to google when the spiders come along they see you as just a couple pages on a big ball of websites all the websites that Squarespace and wix are running are considered one website that’s why it’s so hard to rank a Squarespace or wix website on google search you’ll see you’ll notice that when you go to look for your website it’s very hard to find you might even put in your own name and you can’t find it that well it’s like down on the page your Facebook page coming up first other listings are coming up first this is a great indicator that you chose the wrong website platform not only are you paying per month you’re not getting any leads off of it and the only people that see your website are people that are already on your social media pages and are clicking on your link to look at it that way or you sent them the link nobody is finding your website organically in google search and that’s because the structure is a problem the structure is a big ball like i said it’s a centralized database it cannot be indexed the same as a WordPress website is so I highly highly encourage you to get away from Squarespace and wix get onto WordPress where you have your own website and not only that but you own the intellectual property you can move that WordPress website anywhere in the world if you try to move away from Squarespace or wix you have to rebuild your whole website you cannot move those away from those platforms so this is a huge huge thing that customers need to understand you should never be building your website on Squarespace or wix or Shopify or bigcommerce any of these platforms you’re going to be stuck there forever and there’s a bunch of new ones coming out like duda and these other ones these are all garbage you don’t want to be on those platforms build your website on a self-hosted open source platform with its own database i can’t stress this enough so if you would like to learn a little bit more or you would like help building your WordPress getting it over from Squarespace or wix get a hold of me my name is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios we are at 406-208-8733 or you can just google web design in billings Montana you’ll see we are the number one company so this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios we will see you soon